As a result of a car accident, I was left with a shoulder that refused to act like it was supposed to. No measures relieved the pain or loss of range of motion. After consulting with my PC Dr., I made an appointment with a doctor at JYI. After review of my case, the doctor felt that Dr. Griffin would be the best person to handle my case. He proceeded to explain that Dr. Griffin was skilled in the cutting edge technology, thus the best solution for my injury. I made the appointment and the rest is history. During our first appointment, he shocked me by announcing I may need to consider a shoulder replacement at some point. My response was he needed to make a real good case for me to allow him to do this. And he did just that. As a career educator, I appreciated his efforts to “educate” me to my condition. That is not the norm in patient care these days especially in a specialty practice. He left no stone unturned and I had no other choice but to move forward. As far as the surgery went, the overall experience far exceeded expectations. I experienced virtually no pain and discomfort was minimal. I am as good as new.

In Dr. Griffin, I found a physician with an extraordinary combination of professionalism, knowledge, confidence, compassion and skill. The care Dr. Griffin afforded me was over and above. I am so very thankful I landed in his practice. I spent my professional life making sure students, teachers and parents alike were treated as human beings. So I appreciate the same level of professionalism from those who care for me. To give an example of how well he analyzes what his patient needs both surgically and emotionally, during my first post op appointment, Dr. Griffin was answering one of my repeat questions, I said to him.” Why didn’t you tell me this before the surgery?” He didn’t skip a beat, and replied with a big smile on his face.

So, the story has a very happy ending, my shoulder acts like it is supposed to now and I enjoy many hours of doing what I am most passionate about and that is being a floral designer and gardener. I have told those in my circle who are dealing with aging joints, “I have such faith in Dr. G, I would let him cut out my liver if he said I needed it.” After he made a case for it, of course.

Cynthia Downing, Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

- by Cynthia Downing, Total Shoulder Arthroplasty on March 11, 2018